Interpreting landscape has always been at the heart of my creative practice.

The work is a portal to the interior world of memory and desire, time and place, longing and surrender — illuminating narrative and emotion. I paint intuitively, experimenting with mediums and glazes layering  colour upon colour. This iterative process is exciting; I begin at one location and the work takes me to a new place — imagined and, at the same time, remembered.

I want my paintings to create an emotional response or connection and bring awareness to the beauty and fragility of the planet.

– Lori Richards



Born: Montreal, 1959
Graduate: Fine Arts Program, Dawson College, Montreal, 1980
Graduate: General Arts (honours), Ontario College of Art, 1984

Past Exhibitions

Group show WONDER, Tett Creativity Centre, Kingston, 2016
Solo The Painted Season, Wall Space Gallery, Ottawa, 2015
2 person show New Works, Gallery Raymond, Kingston, 2015
Group show The Artist Project, Toronto, 2015
Solo show: Walk With Me, Wall Space Gallery, Ottawa, April 2014
Group show: The Artist Project, Toronto, February 2014
2 Person show Gallery Raymond, Kingston, January, 2014
Group show The Artist project, Toronto, February, 2013
Group show New Works 2012, Gallery Raymond, Kingston, 2012
Solo show Home/Body, Wall Space Gallery, Ottawa, May 2012
Solo show Current Fables, Wall Space Gallery, Ottawa, October 2010
Group Show Wall Space Group Show Review, Ottawa 2009
Group show Queen West Art Crawl, 2009
Group show Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, 2009
Solo show Fields and Constellations, Wall Space Gallery, Ottawa, May 2008
Group show Montreal Outdoor Art Exhibition, 2008
Solo show New Paintings, Laurie Mclachlan Studio, Oakville, July 2007
2 Person show Birds of a Feather, Kingston, December 2007
Group show Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, 2006
Solo show New paintings, 80 Princess St., Kingston, 2005
Solo show New Paintings, Casa Bella, Gananoque, 2003
Solo show The Reflecting Pool, Edward Day Gallery, Kingston and Toronto, 1998
Solo show Fragments and Illuminations, Edward day Gallery, Kingston, 1995
Solo show Path of Venus, Art Noise Gallery, Kingston, 1992
Group show OKWA, Group Show, 1990